The Midnight Man
The Midnight Man
Summary: It's a song about a mysterious man who came in the night… Oh, who are we kidding ourselves? It's about Vemmorn
Date: None
NPCs: None
Susanna  Vemmorn

The Midnight Man runs through the town
The Midnight Man, he makes a sound:
Oooh, oooh.
A man who climbs the roofs like the mountains,
Steals from the sky like peddlars from fountains,
Aaah, aaah.

The candles in their windows flicker like stars
The lights up a bove us glitter like jewels
The jems in his pockets jingle a tune
Like la-da diddy-da la-loo…

One night I saw the Midnight Man
Shadow my window, snuff out my lamp
Singing, "Oooh, oooh."
And then he smiled with the light of the moon,
A crescent smile that saw me and soon
Sang "Aaah, aaah!"

When I asked him for his name,
Wondering why for me he came,
He said he never crossed the same
Window twice.
"For you," he grinned, "I brought a ring
"More precious than what kings could bring.
"The Shadow Woman's silver ring is
Without price."

The candles in their window flicker like stars
The lights up above glitter like jewels
This jem from his pocket outshone them all
He sang la-da diddy-doo la-la…
And he was gone.

The Midnight Man, he makes no sound
The Midnight Man, far away now,
Mmm, mmm.
I kept my gift a secret from all,
And wished each night he'd answer my call:
"Love, love."

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