Mercenary Work
Mercenary Work
Summary: Cervantes sends word to the Minister of Blades
Date: 8/19
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NPCs: Gerrik Shawl


A servant bearing Arkanin colors arrives in Four Corners with a message for the Minister of Blades, it states as follows:

'To The Minister of Blades Gerrik Shawl,

Gerrik Shawl, It has come to my attention that I will be requiring a Mercenary contract in order to perform such recruitment in Four Corners. Thus, have I arrived in this lovely free city state to speak with you regarding that matter. My wish is simple. I seek anywhere between 500 to 1,500 Mercenaries for the continued aid in the defense against the Qatunax. They will all be paid handsomely. But before I can act, I seek your permission, good Minister.

By the time you receive this, I will have already arrived. I look forward to our meeting.

With regards and respect,

Viscount Cervantes Arkanin '

Lo and behold, Cervantes had arrived with a small company of Sentinels of Murias.

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