1876-05-16: Letter to Adriono
Letter to Adriono
Summary: Ivo writes to his favourite uncle
Date: 16/05/1875
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NPCs: None
Ivo  Adriono  


Did you send me to aid Baroness d'Etoile?
If so then the immediate danger is passed, and work is ongoing to tackle the larger.
If not, then someone has copied our style enough to be convincing, and we should consider a change.
I would not have questioned but there seems to be an unknown operator in this matter, and I wish to ensure our communications are secure, and that I can trust all is what it seems.

In happier news, I have just deprived the Cardinal of one of his Nulls. It was not a pleasant experience, but it is done.

Your loyal nephew


PS. Chiara continues to grow. And scream. She screams a lot. Mostly when I'm trying to sleep. When she's not screaming all night she is as adorable as ever.

Not to long after the question is asked a response arrives.

The letter you speak of was not sent at my behest but did indeed come from within our network.
It seems benign but I shall be looking deeper into the matter anyway.


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