1876-05-04: The d'Etoile Plan
The d'Etoile Plan
Summary: Letters go out as Elian starts working on a plan to take down d'Etoile. (western north munito sector)
Date: 1876-05-04
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NPCs: Only if you count moongazers and delivery boys
Elian  Ramius  Atreis  Ivo  

A messenger arrives for the Zmeyarch dressed in the colours of Elian's Blackthorns. He's insistent that the letter go to the military heirarchy, if not Ramius directly, but otherwise fades off into the background once his task is done.
An almost exact copy finds its way into Atreis' hands, or at least those of her generals.

Zmeyarch Ramius
It is my intent to move with stealth into the lands currently held by Baroness d'Etoile and occupy. This with the intent of shielding the siege against royalist reinforcements drawn from al'Callenta and the southeast.
We will move fast once circumstances mature but there is time to discuss if needed.
Tribune Elian al'Callenta

Ivo's letter comes attached to the leg of a particularly garrulous moon-gazer. The writing cramped.

Lord Ivo. I need to borrow ten-twenty Cavaliers and a like number of banners for fourteen days? The banners more so than the men. Are you willing? Sir Elian

(For reference, although no maps are included with any letter, d'etoile is here:



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