1876-04-20: Spoils of Almost War
Spoils of Almost War
Summary: Alia examines all her loots.
Date: 1875-04-20
Related: Follows after: Trap Life.
NPCs: None
Alia  Ludovic  

Alia sat in silence, careful hands unfolding the scroll she had secreted into her bag during her recent adventure with Dovi in that trap-filled ruin. They had retrieved three, in the end, and Alia, as they had recovered outside, at their small camp, had taken her time in reviewing each. She was not, as a rule, given to waiting until they returned to the guild. And, she could read them, and so was not beholden to trusting that the guild's translators were doing a good job of actually either telling the finder what was in them or trusting that what they had translated was correct. She frowned, as she leaned forward, using a few rocks to hold the scroll flat and open on the blanket she had laid out, murmuring to herself, a habit she could usually stop herself from indulging in, but did not bother to at the moment, because Dovi, well, Dovi didn't judge.

The first scroll was, interesting, she supposed, to a point, a history of whatever the region had been in the time before it was the ruin it was now. Registers of trade and goods being brought in and out. Interesting, she supposed, to a scholar attempting to draw together a history of trade and commerce in the old lands. She folded it back, carefully, and set it aside. She turned to the second, slightly smaller, and a bit older, and careful hands removed it from its bindings. She glanced to the third as she worked. She had saved that one for last. It had appeared more carefully wrought than the others, the material the more expensive vellum and not the cheaper parchment the first two were written on.

She frowned, finger tracing the air above the letters as she worked. A biography of someone…she had never heard of. Some knight of great renown. Or a Lord of lesser. Well, that was also interesting, and likely to engage the scholars of the guild. Perhaps they could, after they copied it and returned the original to her, for that was the guild's way, sell those copies on to the great libraries of the West. She knew from too much experience that that was where most historical scrolls went to die.

Finally, she pulled the third towards herself. The vellum felt…oddly new. Not ancient as it should have, by rights. And this time, Alia took even more care than she had with the others, even taking the time to rummage in her bag for weights, rather than the rough stones she had been using. She had become rather disrespectful, as scholars went, in these latter days.

Alia's eyes widened, as she read and reread and reread the scroll, a light fingertip skimming the formula she had found there. "Dovi? I think…" She glanced over to where she could see the big man sitting off enjoying his well earned rest, "I…I think this is a formula that predates fleshknit. It's…more complex, more intricate, but…if what notes the alchemist left are correct, it is mch more effective than anything we have today. Not as effective as vitae of course, but…" She looked back down to what she was reading, "The ingredients are…hrm, not difficult to get. I might need to consider a few substitutions, as some of these have changed over the years, only…I don't think it would cost that much more than the fleshknit I make now."

Alia grinned. "This is…" She was clearly pleased. "Much better than that treatise on the caring and feeding of children I found the last time I went out. Or the diary I found the time before."

Ludovic looks up from the work he's been attempting to do with one of his boots in a relatively rare moments of quiet. Because Ludovic sure does like to draw attention. "Darius will be happy." He grins. "Luixa too most likely. Reckon I'm mostly held together by your potions these days."
He dips a hand into the interior of that boot and takes out something that flashes red in the sun as he tosses it over to her. "Catch."
It's a large red garnet he took from that mural now in the form of angry looking cat. "If only the world was made of gems huh?"

Alia grinned, as she managed, just, to catch the cat, studying the thing in her palm, "I do rather look like that quite often don't I?"

"I will have to begin gathering ingredients at best speed."

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