1875-01-08: An Apology for Susanna
An apology for Susanna
Summary: As the title says
Date: 1875-01-08
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Dertan  Susanna  

A courier eventually tracks Susanna down, after first going to four corners and then following her trail, to hand her a letter sealed with white wax imprinted with a symbol of a snake coiled about a tower. The letter itself is handwritten with the sort of neatness that comes only from hour upon hour of training. In one or two spots there are tiny ink spots as if the author had to pause and think.

Mistress Susanna Summers

I have realised that I owe you an apology.

I placed you in a situation where it was absolutely impossible for you to meet my expectations and then treated you unkindly.

I would like to make amends should it be possible.

The courier has been instructed to wait upon your response.

Dertan Kaedon.

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