1875-01-06: I Will Do Better
I Will Do Better
Summary: Scarlett decides that a lesson is learned.
Date: During the one month timeskip
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Scarlett wakes up in a hospital bed, rubbing her eyes as she looks around, and then touches the bandages at her waist. "Crap… Thomas is going to kill me." She says before laying back and placing a hand on her head.

They didn't see the vitch coming, out of nowhere they got ambushed, they, who were supposed to be the best at handling that tactic, got showed that maybe they weren't as good as they thought they were, and Scarlett was their leader, which means that she is responsible.

"Fuckin' useless…" She mutters to herself as she sighs and closes her eyes to take time to meditate, she was still alive after all, so that means she can make up for this, or maybe her luck just ran out.. though… Scarlett doesn't believe in luck.. she just wasn't good enough. She will have to get better.

Better, that's what she has to do, and with that, once she is able to get out of this bed, she starts to slowly train even harder than before, punches, kicks, and even learning different tactics on the field of battle. She is a Chandus, and she will not make the same mistake twice.

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