1875-01-06: Following the Hammer
Following the Hammer
Summary: After a few days rest following the battle of dalcen, Dertan moves to hinder the Blood Hammer.
Date: 1875-01-06
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NPCs: None

The battle of Dalcen had raged for four days, longer if you included Dertan's original assault, by the time the reinforcements arrived to tip the balance and the Blood Hammer chose to withdraw. Dertan watched the armies disengage from his nearby position, fatigue drawn across his own features, and contemplated the wisdom of an immediate pursuit before giving the order to let them go. The men, each of whom had already given their everything, were on the edge of simply being unable to continue, and besides the last day of the year was a day for things to end. It would be inauspicious to start a new battle so close to the day of the Pheonix. In addition almost all of his men bore injuries that the healers needed some time to tend - Not even Dertan, surrounded as he was by his bodyguard, had taken some small wounds over the last few hellish days of battle.

The day of the Pheonix, the day after the battle of Dalcen finally came to a close, was given to the men as a chance to rest and celebrate. The festivities only enhanced by Dertan's efforts to pick out those men and women who had exceeded expectations and grant them the recognitions and rewards that they deserved.

A few days later, finally confident that the Hammer wasn't planning to return, Dertan took a river-boat to Glenbrook to meet with Thomas. It's late on the fifth when he returns, takes his officers aside, and explains what he wants the armies to do next.

They will march east and do what they can to mitigate the threat posed by the remaining forces of the Blood Hammer and the Rose.

The next morning the army is on the move, taking full advantage of scouts and pathfinders as they follow in the tracks of the Partharian forces. Their goal, in the short term, simply to interfere with the other armies foragers and ability to move. Eventually battle seemed likely but Dertan wanted the upper hand in numbers and position before that happened.

At the same time as the officers meet a moongazer flaps its way to the castle of Alnburgh and the Duke of Sokar. Its message:

Your Grace. Dalcen is relieved and the Blood Hammer is retreating east, presumably to meet up with the rest of the army. I am moving to hinder but need reinforcements. I ask that you send my Serpents Fangs to meet with the Immortals and arrange further support from the other Lords. Count Kaedon.

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