1875-01-06: Battle of Duval's Pass
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Having established the corridor for the supply lines Sir Brennart establishes a patrol schedule going out with the various patrols until the unit's set upon by the Blood Rose's forces. The Battle of Duval's Pass isn't likely to enter the history books anytime soon but the Mercenary forces route the enemies before Brennart and company begin the trip back to Duval.

Then the forces are slightly diverted to join in on a larger battle and still coming down from the high of the epic routing at Duval's Pass Brennart allows for himself and his men to get cut off from the rest of the Duval forces. Although they fight hard they're hard pressed and wind up having to end up receiving rescue to get free of the spearmen. Being a nightmare on the battlefield when he's got a sword in hand and is paying proper attention Brennart isn't normally the one commanding and in this case it ends up getting him very well rewarded for his efforts. In the form of a wicked looking spear hole through his leg and his armor will need some repair before it'll be put back on… That and the leg's not likely to hold up for a fight either. The knight being down for the fight means the mercenaries have to drag him back rescuing him from death as they put up a strategic retreat back to Duval.

As Brennart and the mercenaries return to Duval the knight insists on riding through the gates and not carried in on a stretcher or wagon. As painful as this ends up being he's got his pride and not a stubborn bone in his body…

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