1875-01-06: Back to the Front
Back to the Front
Summary: Lillian returns to Alnburg.
Date: 1875-01-06
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NPCs: None

Lillian reached out to adjust the saddle, which had been cleared, repaired and polished, back onto her mare,. She'd only just finished currying the creature, and putting her to feed and water after the long journey back from Glenbrook. She had initially, been ambivalent about leaving Alnburg to travel so far, but one did not refuse an audience with the Viscount Chandus when he called for one. Particularly with the sheer amount of work that still needed to be done, and the uncertainty of when the resupplies from Bordeaux would be coming in. Even with the support they had been receiving, it had been a constant battle to keep the supply line intact. But if there was ever a bright spark, it was the hope that her cousin would indeed arrive, whether or not he brought enough troops to truly make a difference in the fight.

"Bast…I pray that you will find your way here swiftly and safely. You were ever the better knight than I. And I need your strong hand now more than ever." The words were offered into the stillness of the stable, but perhaps, if the One heard such small prayers as this, all would be well.

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