1875-01-06: A Surplus of Arms
A Surplus of Arms
Summary: Alia prepares the final shipment bound for Paras.
Date: 1875-01-06
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"Look here." Alia lifted a hand, indicating the final crate of workings which were being packed for shipment to Paras. She waited for the auxillia to approach close enough to see what she wished to show her. "Do you see these gaps here, and here?" Alia reached into the crate, pressing down on the padding that was being used to protect the rounded flasks which were filled with a brilliantly green liquid. "These seem stable enough now, but as soon as the horses begin to move, if there is even one bump on the road, the protection will fail and the glass will shatter. I do not need to express the sheer amount of damage that would cause." The auxillia shook her head, "My apologies, Tribune, I will have the crate repacked and all of the other inspected."

"Thank you." Alia's words seemed to encompass both acknowledgement of the apology and the assurance that the fault would be mended. And with that, Alia stepped aside to leave the auxillia and the three she called over to assist her to their work, walking back into the storage house that the alchemists had been working out of for the better part of a month and a week. This was the final shipment, before they would need to journey for more supplies. They had worked well and diligently, and had made best use of the supplies which had been acquired for them. Now, this was the time to stockpile and to look to using what had been made for trade and political gain.

"Why does that make me feel as though I am back at the Academy?" Alia's musing was only for herself, as she stepped through the doorway of the building and returned to her station.

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