1875-01-06: A Mountains Comfort
A Mountains Comfort
Summary: Ludovic returns to Daemon's Hall
Date: 1875-01-06
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NPCs: None

After several weeks of living off the land, constant alertness and spending nearly every waking hour mounted Ludovic was tired, so very tired, and he, his men and their mounts were all suffering for the endless cold, stress and damp. If he was feeling this way, with the best of equipment and men willing to put down their lives to preserve his own, it was any guess how the tired men and new slave turned dragoons must be feeling. They had been riding homewards for days now, sometimes diverting to attack or avoid the qatunax, and everyone had breathed a deep sigh of relief ever since the border had passed but it was Mount Hadres and the castle within that Ludovic strained to see through the pale wreath of morning mist. He loved that mountain like it was a piece of him and knew that the first glance of those steep, sometimes terraced, slopes would signal that home was just a few hours away. His mountain, his home, a real bed and a long long hot bath. Unconsciously he nudged his horse into a faster pace, eager for the welcoming heat of the fire and the smiles of his family. In a couple of days they would gather around the fire and properly celebrate the holidays they missed whilst out on the road, warm in the knowledge that it's not to late to make a difference.

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