1875-01-03: From Chandus to Chandus
From Chandus to Chandus
Summary: Scarlett sends a letter report to Thgomas, as well as a second, more personal note.
Date: Some winter in duval in 1874-1875
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Scarlett  Thomas  

(Written in a well mannered and floruishing hand from someone who was taught to write by someone who uses the edge of a ruler to punish mistakes, a letter arrives for thomas ahead of the returning highlanders.)

Report log 10080239
Highlander Captain Chandus
Attn: Tribune Chandus

I have kept the path open, not only did I stop a raid, but also a counter attack against a militia three times mine own. It was hard fought, but I did manage to clear a path for supplies.

I would like to Advise that Lef-tenant Hydia be considered for a promotion, or at least a commendation, she has served with honor and dignity, She would make a great Captain.

Also, Ensign Sutton has been Imrpving well in his new role, and most of the anger and hate from him has vanished. I think in the comming years we might have to sit down and talk about his future with is, which I think will be a bright one. Commendation also reccomended.

In all Tribune, I beleve that the highlanders have performed well above expectation, a tribute to their trainning and skill, if this captain could make them do as well, then imagine what a better officer could accomplish.

(A second note, a personal one, for thomas.)

Cousin, I met a rikton sailor who is in attendance at Duval, his name is Vemmorn Bordeux. He is capable and I figure someone with your diplomatic accumen could make use of him. I'm willing to marry him with no fuss, if said contract will keep me a chandus, as I don't wish to leave my family. I know it's abit early for such a thing, but I think the marriage alliance of our houses might be a good gain overall, especially since it's a quick way to secure a trade route via the sea.

- Scarlett

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