1874-12: Needing a plan
Needing a plan
Summary: Looking through reports, Jarret thinks of the future.
Date: December 1874
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Looking around the relatively dimly lit room, Jarret leaned back in his seat as he looked through some reports. He had ordered some men to do what they could to get the gates strengthened, repaired when needed. Improving the gates was one of the priorities, so they didn’t need to keep as much of their forces guarding them as when they were broken or near broken. It seemed that the walls themselves were holding, thankfully.

Closing his eyes, he let out a bit of a sigh as his mind went through the things mentioned in the reports, and he started to think about what was still ahead. He was unsure how long the fortress would be able to offer protection, but on the other hand, if they were to abandon it, wouldn’t that simply be giving the enemy a place they could cling to. And a fortress such as this is not an easy place to remove the enemies holding it from. Additionally, what of those people that remained here, local people that hadn’t left? What would become of them if he abandoned the fortress?

Another sigh as he leaned back further, grimacing a bit to himself. At least they had been able to reduce the enemy numbers a bit, even at the cost of some of their own forces. And for a while longer, at least, things could be repaired.

The one thing he was really sure of was the need for some kind of backup plan.

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