1874-12: Lillian, I'm at Duval
Lillian I'm at Duval
Summary: Letters between Lillian and Vemmorn
Date: December 1874
Related: Siege
NPCs: None
Lillian  Vemmorn  

A letter, badly delayed by the disruptions of war and late posting, eventually makes its way to Lillian. The handwriting is the distinctive scrawl that Vemmorn started to use the moment his tutors stopped enforcing perfect lines.


The Bear and I are in Duval. We're all well and nobodies decided to draft me into anything so you don't need to worry. Kind of bored though. I have no idea how you soldier types put up with such tedium.

Your favorite Cousin.

A response finds its way to Duval, using the best possible route, the war being what it is.


What in the name of the One are you doing in Duval? No, nevermind. I am not certain that I even want to know. That you are so close to the enemy lines is distressing enough. As for 'we soldiers', I imagine that we survive the tedium by actually fighting. Which you are expressly forbidden to do.

I mean this in all seriousness, Vemm. Should worse comes to worse, you are to set your mind to escaping Duval and finding your way back to the safety of Arkanin or Bordeaux. Even if it means leaving the Bear behind. A ship can be replaced. You cannot.

As always, my love to you,


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