1874-12 - Interlude: Rowena
Interlude: Rowena
Summary: Rowena reflects on the changes to her life and herself since her decision to remain at Alnburg.
Date: 1874-December
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NPCs: None

Rowena stood on the banks of the river, eyes drawn down along the length of the salt. The scouting party was still close enough to Alnburg to see the docks. Just the sight of them made Rowena clench her fists. That was where she belonged. Not standing here on the shore, wishing for what could not be. Would she have done anything differently, if she had known where the road would lead her? She shook her head, though there was no one close enough to notice. She had made a choice, when she had supported Jarret, when he had taken his place as the Duke. When the Parthanians had invaded, she could have remained at sea, she could have sounded the retreat, departed Alnburg and perhaps, in so doing, saved herself. For was now some of the Salt still under the control of Galenthia?

And so she had remained, and been bound to the land, to the Duke's side, to his fight, until the end. Rowena thought she had served well. She had fought with his soldiers, defended the fort on ground and on the battlements. That, at least, she thought she had done well. It was not, after all, so very different from repelling a boarding party, and they had been successful. Had she done more swordfighting than she had done in many a year? Perhaps so, but she had become the better for it. Or at least, she had improved her skills so that she was, unlike many, still alive. And she had used her keen eye well, marking the movement of the troops, as well as the forces arriving by sea. Treachery was not something to which she was unaccustomed. And if for no other reason, she thought she had become an asset to her brother in that regard. She was the sister of the Duke, and not the Duke himself. She could go, as she was now, places he could not go, seek things he could not. And perhaps, in some small way, what she did would contribute to the survival of Alnburg and the families that held it.

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