1874-12 - Interlude: Lillian
Interlude: Lillian
Summary: Lillian reflects on the way that the war for Alnburg has changed her.
Date: 1874-December
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NPCs: Miriam DuLac

"You know, Miriam, I thought that I had kept up my practice, but every time I take this off, I realize how far I am from the woman I was." Lillian stood as still as she was able, looking at herself in the mirror as Miriam assisted her with removing her armor. She has no squire, but the healer had served when necessary, in the years since Lillian had been recalled from the war to lead her House. Lillian could feel the bruising, but even considering that, the sight of them as she saw her bare skin drew a frown from her face. And a curse from Miriam. "if this is the woman you were before you became our Lady…" Lillian shook her head, "It was a different life then, Miriam, when I had my knight to protect, and then my companions. Now..a House depends on me. And every man and woman who road down from Rikton depends on me."

"You have led us well, Lilly." Miriam's voice softened, the privacy they were afforded by being alone in Lillian's chamber affording Miriam the freedom to speak to her mistress more informally. "I have seen no shred of doubt in the healers, or the martial troops, even in the worst of the battles. They follow you, and will follow you until their last breathe. And I have seen enough of battle to know that you have more than held your own. You have saved the lives of many, including your own husband. And - - You have made the hard decisions, on who should live and who should die, when I could not."

"And if we all die, in the end, Miriam?"

Miriam shrugged, as she sets aside the last of the armor to see to her Lady's bath. "Then we die. It is not for us to know the will of the One."

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