1874-12-19: Clearing the Corridor
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As Brennart and Company set off he spares one last glance back at Duval before he rides off to catch up with the mercenaries. They're set up in a rough formation archers safe in the middle of the infantry while they travel which is likely a good thing. Soon after Duval's walls fade from sight the skirmishers begin to harass the men. Sweeping in from the woodline they strike at the flanks more trying to cause injuries than casualties as that would slow the travel speed down. Once he arrives at the HQ for the Burnished Spurs he sits down with their Knight Commander to go over a few ideas before sending out the mercenaries to begin clearing the way splitting the company up into smaller units but still solidly manned for dealing with the skirmishers. He rides out with the men heading into the works parts of the corridor and although he knows that they won't be able to keep the corridor completely clear of skirmishers he's going to ensure that they're going to pay for ever attack on the supply lines they make.

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