1874-12-19: A Request For Aid
1874-12-19: A Request For Aid
Summary: A letter is sent to Duke Tarris, its point of origin: Fortress Duval.
Date: 12-19-74
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NPCs: NPC names, if relevant
Bethany  Gauvain  

Dear Father.,

We have managed to succeed in pushing back the enemy, but we have taken a substantial hit to our numbers. A third of our men have been either wounded or killed. I know you might think that we will be fine with what we have, but I worry that Duval will fall if we continue to bleed - no pun intended - forces like we have been. Therefore, I am asking for whatever help you can afford to send us. Likewise, please send any surplus supplies you might have stored as it looks like this attempted siege might last for quite some time and I worry that our food stores will run dry before the enemy decides to give up and go home.

I have sent Brennart and our mercenaries to keep a corridor open to our east, through the marshlands and foothills. We will do all we can to make sure any help you might be able to send will come through unscathed, but I do believe it'd be the wisest course of action if you were to send your aid via heavy escort.

Lady Sir Bethany Tarris

P.S. You'll be happy to know that I'm staying back to command instead of throwing myself into danger, Father. See? Your little girl DOES have common sense.

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