1874-12-13: The balance is all
Summary: Four Corners does its thing.
Date: 1874-12-13
Related: Anything relating to the current events of Tirth.
NPCs: Reist

The edict was clear enough, if unheard by most, yet word would soon escape as it often did. Tirth's largest army was mobilised, drawn to defend the Free City State of Four Corners. With Aequor having resolutely failed to defend its borders, the Free City State had little intention of relying upon its ally to ensure its troubles didn't spill out onto the lands of the free. Villages and townships continued their fortification, patrols continued, and the mercenaries of the land found themselves in the employ of Four Corners, with the small standing army of the Greycloaks getting down to the business of ensuring all was run smoothly.

While mercenaries already out in the field were to continue their contracts as specified, termination clauses would be watched closely, and should the weight of coin falter for even a single payment, they would soon find Four Corners beckoning.

Reist would find that no aggression would be offered, though any aggression would be met like for like, and the Partharian's despite their spies now living in a bank vault, suspended from its arched ceiling, would find their trading vessels free to come and go. Who knows, perhaps even Reist's own vessels would find a welcome berth in the Free City in time. The Council talked, bickered, shouted, and discussed, as usual many varying positions were put forth, and a good many more spawned forth from those. The Chancellor watched and listened as men and women put forth their views.

Beyond the Palace, a Njorvolk messenger would even find himself enlisted, entrusted with a simple message, a message that simply stated that should the man ever wish to meet the Chancellor, then it can be easily arranged. If not, then so be it.

As for refugees, they would find camps on the outskirts of the city, or if suitably wealthy, rooms within the city. At least till the coin dried up, at which point those camps soon beckoned once more.

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