1874-12-11 Snowball Fight
Snowball Fight
Summary: Terrapine returns the blizzard to Sender
Date: Decembre 11, 1874
Related: None, or many? During time skip at Duval
NPCs: Alric (until he finishes CG)

First there was the airship that carried her almost to Alnburg, but not close enough for her liking. The final leg to Alnburg was by the dreaded overland travel, mounted on a beast with four hooves. Then… another four days on the back of that horrid beast. There was no love lost between the two; not that she was cruel in any way to the animal, but she couldn't convincingly disguise her discomfort and wish to travel on anything else but a horse. The man that rode beside her was every bit as comfortable on his mount as she was uncomfortable on hers, and made no effort to hide the great sword ready for use.

Alric was a knight, although his spurs were tucked in a saddle bag, and riding his horse came second nature. After two decades of watching over his charge, he'd stopped teasing her about her inability to feel the rhythm of the saddle. If he'd thought that riding as bodyguard to the young Lady Chessa Sokar made him wish he had eyes in the back of his head, this riding with the sorceress from Four Corners has had all the hairs on the back of his neck constantly on end. Granted, Galenthia was more accepting than say, Aecquor, of those with magic skills, but there were still plenty followers of The One that made a sign to ward evil when she passed. "At least they are more open about it, now," she had remarked drily to him when an old woman added a spat in the dirt for good measure. No matter what they thought of her, no one would have dared openly show their small-minded suspicions of the youngest of the Sokar nobility, but a nameless sorceress was a fair target for their superstitions. There were some, though, that looked at the veiled woman and her giant companion with furtive glances of hope the closer they came to Duval. Rumors had spread of a sorceress, robed and masked in blue, that came from the rumored secret academy of sorcery in Four Corners, and had offered her services to Duke Jarret at his fortress in Alnburg. Duke Jarret had accepted the offer, and even added a number of Sokar guards to accompany them through hostile territory and reach their goal. They made a sight, the diminutive woman dressed in shades of blue, her hulking bodyguard in black, and the company of Sokar guards, passing through the villages and skirting the encampments of Partharians.

And now, here she is.

Usually, the circular tent with no windows or doors would make her feel choked and claustrophobic. But this one is different. Directly over her head there is a round opening, the snow blowing across showing even whiter against the night sky. She's taken off the black, boiled leather armor that she wore over the dark blue gown, and the royal blue cloak with it's furred hood has been set aside. Two braziers burn in the tent, and four more are ready to light, and furs have been piled to the side. Alric has shed his heavy cloak and armor as well, and stands to the side of the tent flap that has been tied down. With the guards in a ring outside the tent, he is more intent on possible having to leap to action if the element Terrapine wields backfires on her. The wind ripples the heavy canvas, but the poles and the latticework of the round walls hold firm. Taking a deep breath, Terrapine lays her hands on the knees of her crossed legs, and lets her head fall back, looking up to the snow.

The Partharian bitch may know water, but clouds are nothing more than water suspended in air; and air is Terrapine's domain. Her eyes drift closed and she repeats the words to herself, centering her energy, bringing it into focus. On an exhale she reaches out with it, rising through the hole in the roof of the tent and upwards. She feels herself slicing through the snow, leaving swirling flurries in her wake as she rises higher, and ever higher, into the biting chill of the super cooled water that hangs heavy in the air.

In the tent far below, Alric watches as the young woman before him bends forward, scooping her hands along the floor like a child making a snowball. As she goes into her trance and the wind doesn't blow inside, he lights more of the braziers. In their light he can see the red on her cheeks, her hands, as if she was playing out in the snow and wind. He lights them all and turns to look at her as the braziers heat the small, confined, space considerably. He sits down across from her, watching as the swirls of leaves and curving lines tattooed around her wrist and begin to move and pick up speed.

Terrapine gathers the air around the clouds, a pressure surrounding them and drawing them closer together. She feels the chill of the snow in her skin as she pulls the clouds closer to her, and shivers, but she doesn't stop. Her breath adds to the clouds, but below her more and more of the Sokar defenders look up as the snow ceases to fall on their heads, being concentrated in a smaller area until it almost looks like a giant white pillar.

Alric watches as her skin turns from red to white, her lips becoming blue as she stands unsteadily. She pulls back her hand and makes a hurling motion, and smiles with satisfaction.

Smiles with satisfaction from above as she watches her 'snowball' of blizzard cloud seem to arc away from her, plummeting towards the Great Salt where a fleet of Partharian ships keeps the Red Sails from leaving their hidden coves, and splatters over them. The howling winds are released once more, and the snow blinds the sailors as they desperately cling to the rigging, trying to bring their sails control as the boats wheel and slam into each other.

Then she's back in her body, her teeth chattering and limbs shaking, even though Alric is dripping with sweat and stripped down to his sleeveless tunic. Never mind that he has wrapped her tightly in all the furs he can find. The cold of the blizzard is in her bones, and she feels like she'll never be warm again. But the skies above her little tent and above Duval are clear, and others will feel the warmth from their fires once more.

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