1874-12-05: Alnburg's Sanctuary
Alnburg's Sanctuary
Summary: Following a battle at Alnburg the Kaedon men retreat into the sanctuary promised by Alnburg's walls.
Date: 1874-12-05
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NPCs: None

Three forces had gathered to fight the Partharians around Alnburg; the Sokar, Arkanin and Bordeaux coming from the castle and the Kaedon breaking out from their woodland sanctuary to join in the fight. It had been a long battle with triumphs and losses alike as the lesser partharians were put to rout and the stronger, professional, partharian troops stood their ground but in the end it was the partharians who made the choice to fall back from the conflict.

As the Partharian started to pull back from the Kaedon forces several men moved as if to follow only to be pulled back by their comrades as Dertan called for them to stay steady. For most this was a relief. Exhaustion dogged their bones and effort was required for each breath pulled into overworked lungs. The day was not over though. Soon the order to turn and move to support the Arkanin was given but it was too late - Already the Arkanin's punished beyond breaking point by the enemies elites were starting to rout. As the nearby lines collapse calls for men to 'steady' and 'hold' echo down the line as officers steady their cohorts in preparation for the parthian counter attack that never comes. As the enemy falls back Dertan gives his own instructions "Maintain Formation. We Fall Back towards the Keep."

Tired men bring shields back into place, locking shield to shield, and forming a wall that will make it clear that pursuit of the Sokar or Arkanin forces will be met with force. And then step by step the formation works its way back towards the fort, only breaking apart when the distance gained is sufficient to ensure that no surprise assault will reach them before they can once again prepare. Exhausted or not, good order is essential, and the group files neatly into the fortresses bailey hopeful of hot food and shelter in a place with a roof and an actual fireplace. It's a Kaedon with a bandaged forearm, an injury left over from their tangle with cataphracti and horse archers mere days before, that is the last to step into the great fortress before the gates creak closed and everyone sighs a little sigh of relief for the renewed security.

Dertan moves with his men, his posture showing no trace of the fatigue his features display, speaking softly to the officer besides him as they walk. "Tell the men to stand down and rest. I will go and learn what facilities we have been provided."

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