1874-11-18: Winter Trade
Winter Trade
Summary: Trade restrictions between hellsmouth and the imperial presence of Candeo are relaxed.
Date: 1874-11-18
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NPCs: Nobody named

Letters, outright pleading, arguments, sulking, blackmail and steadfast political pressure from family members, guildsmen and other such money hungry sources have finally managed to talk Ludovic into a modicum of tolerance towards the Imperial occupiers of Paras.

Reminded over and over that they are a trade house and not a warrior lodge he finally bends enough to give a letter of permission to a cousin and his wife about opening trade along with some goods and the guards they will need to survive such a trip.

As a result a small and highly mobile trade caravan of cattle, packhorse and a small group of hardy horses winds its way from Stevens pass down towards Paras, pausing for shelter and perhaps more at the new holding of Candeo, before seeking to make their way through the dangerous paths between the fort and the city.

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