1874-11-03: Arcadians South!
Arcadians South
Summary: Mercy makes a move to aid two of her fellow noble houses during the coming winter.
Date: Nov 3rd 1874
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NPCs: Mercy's Vassals.

Mercy stands in the Great Hall at New Kashmir and looks out at her Vassals and Knights. "The Whitehallers have halted their advance. Baroness d'Friggi, I wish for you to take a company of three hundred troops with knights and move towards d'Picot. Have a wagon train of grain and other food and first aid items as well. d.Perrini, you will do the same but head for d'lacroix. They are without a duke or count leader at the moment and Arcadia shall help the king's people.

Mercy then turns to her son, Reynard. "I want you to go off with the baroness and talk with d'Picot, tell them that we come to render aid, and that the King and his Vassal have not forgotten them, then move towards d'Lacroix and tell them the same. I will put 150 more marines into the field lead by my daughter to ferret out the bandits."

"Captain Sawyer, I want you to get the river guard ready to move along the majestic, and then enter the river of joy and move down, take supplies and sturdy men to help in fortifying."

"That will leave us with seven hundred and fifty soldiers down south, with that I want their armies trained and ready to defend when the spring comes, or should his majesty make an order. DO NOT attack the white hallers until you get word from me. We are here to make sure that some of our country men and women can survive the winter, not provoke a further messy war."

Mercy leaves her great hall after giving out those orders and retreats to her study, taking a seat she let's out a sigh and leans back in her chair. "I must not seek vengeance… not until the king wishes it…" She says as she lets out a frown, she had worked with Duke James to secure good trade, half the coast was cut off from her, and airships had to go a round about way to get to new Kashmir, though people were unwilling to make the trip.

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