1874-10: To The Rescue
To the Rescue
Summary: Cervantes, The Viscount Arkanin and Signore Bordeaux, sends word ahead to Alnburg and its defenders that they will not be alone in this fight.
Date: 10, 1874
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NPCs: None
Cervantes  Jarret  Lillian  

Cervantes, The Viscount Arkanin and Signore Bordeaux, sends a carefully-written message to the besieged Fortress of Alnburg. It reads as follows:

"To Duke Jarret Sokar and the defenders of Alnburg,

Know that none of you will be alone in this fight. Let this message be the first declaration that the Houses Arkanin of Murias and House Bordeaux have declared war on the Empire of Partharia. Thus, do we begin our march. By the dawn of the third day, look to the North, and may you see our banner as we join you in this fight.

Until such a time, I ask that you hold out as long as humanly possible. Their numbers are great, but we are greater. You can make it to the sunrise.

Still alive, still fight.

By my hand,

Viscount of Arkanin and Signore Bordeaux, Sir Cervantes Arkanin"

With haste, Cervantes sends his fastest messengers. Four of them, each taking a different path to Alnburg in the event that one of them doesn't make it. Thus does he rally the banner of his holdings.

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