1874-10-29: Let the walls hold them
Let the walls hold them
Summary: Letters in response to the invasion.
Date: 1874-10-29
Related: partharian invasion
NPCs: Newp

Letters. So many letters. Each written personally by Dertan and each sent by one of his own precious moongazers and backed up with a courier from the pathfinders.
Most of them involve the day to day minutae of managing a massive recruitment effort and untangling the supply issues faced by the forces attempting to pin the partharians into place around the walls of the great forts. A few however are more interesting:


(To the Brigadiers)

My plan to hold the partharians around the forts is having some success but is not as effective as hoped. I am working to increase the size of the centralised force and intend to begin by breaking the siege about Dalcen. Viscount Arkanin has joined the Sokar forces defending Alnburg. With such numbers the fortresses are suffering heavy losses and we will have to move quickly.

I encountered a strange section dressed in black armor with lightsilver trim. Their champion wielded lightning and two sidhe swords. I do not know how many of them there were with the force here at Alnburg as I have only encountered them the once. Do you have information on this group? Be warned, the skirmish between the shadow snakes and this force, was at five to one odds, and only barely a victory.

I will attempt to meet with you all in the coming days.

Brigadier Dertan Kaedon

(To each of the fortress Lords)
Sir/Lord/Lady as appropriate

Riverwatch stands strong and gathers even now to repel these invaders.

The enemy has an elite force dressed in black armor embellished with lightsilver. News of their location will prove beneficial.

Brigadier Dertan Kaedon

Once the letters are done it is time to start travelling in order to do all those things that are simply better done in person. First to Kaedon to gather the troops he did not raise earlier in the year and send them to join the Immortals and then to the homes of the most important lords, especially Viscount March, to arrange for troops and supplies to further increase the force, and emphasise the importance of a unified effort in this latest war.

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