1874-10-25: The Hellsmouth Marches
The Hellsmouth Marches
Summary: The border between Hellsmouth and the Kultepex has been reinforced over the last few months and, if nothing changes, will continue to be built up for years to come.
Date: Octobre 1874
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NPCs: None

Steadily, all along the Hellsmouth/Kulteplex border the defenses steadily become more and more permanent.

Fortified camps progress into wooden forts.

Walled Villages progress into castles.

And the rare castle progresses towards a fortress as new walls are started.

New landed knights are created for these 'march castles', breaking up the entire border into more easily managed segments, and rewarding those who performed well during the battles to take and hold the land that Hellsmouth still claims.

In Hellsmouth City negotiations begin to put a new garrison into operation for the city proper so that a militia raised far longer than normally expected might finally return to their homes.

Despite all this patrols, raids and scouting parties still regularly foray across the new border. Looking for opportunities to weaken the qatunax and prevent attack.

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