1874-09: A Stone Hammer
A Stone Hammer
Summary: Ludovic finishes crafting himself a weapon out of stone.
Date: Mid Septebre 1874
Related: Czekan Reference: https://clip2art.com/images/drawn-axe-hungarian-20.jpg Cassiterite Reference: https://www.crystal-treasure.com/images/product_images/popup_images/mj02-348-3.jpg
NPCs: NPC names, if relevant

The birth of Ludovic's warhammer started months ago when he'd sneak off into the caves behind, and beneath, Daemon's Hall to practice shaping stone. First it was simple spikes, then more detailed creations like tiny cats and interesting bowls.

A smiths help was sought, a mould provided and enhanced, and then a stone chosen from amongst all the dozens available to him. In the end Ludovic picked the seemingly humble tin ore, cassiterite.

After that it was just a matter of shaping it into the rough form with the aid of the moulds before spending hour upon hour working with it. Shaping it to his needs. Until balance and heft were perfect in his hands.

The end result was a czekan hammer-axe made from a single unbroken piece of glasslike coffee coloured stone with a spiralled haft roughly three feet in length.

Now it just needs a name.

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