1874-08-27: Home To Rhone
1874-08-27: Home To Rhone
Summary: A message is sent to Darius.
Date: 08-27-18974
Related: All regarding Aequor/Imperial relations, among others.
NPCs: NPC names, if relevant
Darius  Jasmina  


It is time for me and my men to return home. The soldiers I brought with me to try and bolster the Viscount d'Korbina's numbers long for their families and there are important matters I must attend to in Rhone. I am sorry our meeting has yet to take place but perhaps you could come see me so we can talk business, as well as other important subjects. The rose gardens are still in bloom and I do believe they might be to your liking. If transportation and your safety might be a concern I can see to both on my end.


Archduchess a'Mordran

The message has clearly been intercepted, taken up at the gates of the keep. Open and read, as noticed by the break in the seal, there seems to be strange additives to the missives of note. Words and drawings etched all around the missive.

“I can’t stop thinking about your pert bum,” being one, along with a corresponding drawing. “Your hair, it is like spun gold and silver, so lovely as the morning sun,” a rainbow is drawn next to it, the script is decidedly masculine for this first part.

However, tiny, flourished imperial under it all written with a feminine flare is a short one lined message. “No really, this is all true!” Lips of carmine are left as in impression there on the bottom of the page.

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