1874-08-15: Imperial Games
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The following was sent to all the Lords and Ladies and to various taverns and personages in Four Corners and the Civilized West.

My Lords and Ladies and esteemed personages of the Colonial territories,

It is with great joy that I, Princeps Darius Firebrand XXIV announce the first in well over half a millennium Imperial Games to be held in the West. While you all have your tournaments and they are indeed a spectacle to watch, I invite any and all to the Colonia of Free Paras to enjoy food, Imperial hospitality and of course the games. All are welcome to attend, but please note that weapons are to be peace knotted if you must wear them, and there will be no tolerance for dueling in the streets which is punishable by death.

We in Paras and members of the Imperial Court in the West look forward to seeing you. Please. Attend, and enjoy yourselves.

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