1874-08-12: The Legion of the West
The Legion of the west
Summary: Finally, the Legion of the West comes into being, formed from many realms.
Date: 1874-08-12
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Mattias smiled somewhat crookedly as he eyed the plans before him, regarding the Legion of the West, quite possibly one of the largest forces that could be assembled, the Four Corners military notwithstanding. A force that could easily be used for purposes as yet unthought of. A large unwieldy force of men and women, destined to serve as one. A vast array of officers, soldiers, clerks, commissaries, all woven within a bureaucratic chain of command that stifled any attempt at action, stifled creativity with its all smothering embrace of every aspect of the Legions doings and needs. Ruled by committee one too many times before a committee of ranking officers sought to bargain with eachother to what ends the Legion may well be suited.

"It's perfect."

Mattias stared in awe at the unwieldy behemoth that could achieve nothing but its own destruction and disbanding, and even then those within the Legion would find that simple task all too stressful and hard going.

"It is a thing of beauty."

Mattias jabbed a finger against one such paragraph, a paragraph that repeated itself in so many different ways, before replicating itself throughout the document, that it rendered decision making delightfully obtuse.

"I am truly impressed."

There was simply no way that any one section could agree with another, to rule by committee was a particularly wonderful little addition that ensured the Legion was an expensive behemoth that could achieve little and certainly never find itself turned against those who thought it a force for good. No one member nation had primacy, no one member nation could subvert this utterly useless organisation.

"The next five years will be spent ensuring suitable contracts for arms and armour from various sources, comestibles, combustibles, and other sundry gear will also be put out to tender, and the dual Quartermaster and Commissary contingents shall battle over who has the final say, thanks to that little oversight that sees each group equal in number upon the committee, and each group vested in their own success. Delightful!"

The smile remained, Mattias continued to stare at the document, his lips quirked into a slightly lopsided smile.

"In the event of a request for deployment, discussions can only begin once suitable scouting reports have been submitted to the first command committee, whose suggestions will weave their merry way through a few votes, before ending up at the second, and so on and so on… truly a delight. That was Chief Clerk Ratner's doing? Oh do send the man a basket of fruit. He likes apples."

It was a masterpiece of achieving absolutely nothing, while costing time, coin, and effort.

"At the very least those signatories may remove their men from the Legion with a single week's notice to the Commission of Withdrawal, allowing them to deploy their own forces in their own theatres, as they so desire. I think we can say this is a success, such a large force can never be used for ill. Or anything for that matter."

Mattias added his seal to the document and stepped away, the Legion of the West was finally formed. All that remained was for the Commissary Commission to vote upon the Colours, the size and shape of the flags, while the Ranks Commission sought to balance how each differing rank of those soldiers within the fold of the Legion, measured against each other.

Mattias estimated that some measure of success would be evident in a few years. Though nothing that would see the Legion ready for deployment. They might however have decided on a suitable flag.

"Time for kaffe, our dear friend Thomas will be so proud."

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