1874-08-12: An Apology
1874-08-12: An Apology
Summary: Jasmina sends Darius a letter.
Date: IC Date
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Darius  Jasmina  


I owe you an apology and would like to offer such to you. When we last spoke great emotions took hold and I spoke with those emotions instead of my head. I am sure what was said did much to undo what we accomplished before and I hope to once again bridge the gap between our peoples and offer my aid to you. These are matters I would rather discuss with you in person and without any interference from either side. I propose we meet at a neutral location, just us, with no guards or anyone else who might serve to fan our tempers. I do hope you'll agree to this as I look forward to returning to steady footing with you and your people once more.

Archduchess al'Mordran


Your Grace,

I hope that the day finds you well Archduchess. Indeed emotions did appear to take hold of the pair that came to call at my keep that day. That being the past we can indeed walk away from it into whatever the future may hold. Name the location and I will indeed meet you there.

Princeps and Praetor
Darius Firebrand of the Legio XIII


I believe that during war, neutral ground is often set at the middle-most point between two locations. Granted, we are not at war with each other, but I think that would work as well as any other location. I know you are busy, so I will defer to you on the time and date of this meeting.


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