1874-08-11 The Princeps' Response
The Princep's Response
Summary: Darius Pens a response to Mercy's plea.
Date: Arrives 8/11/1874
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Darius  Mercy  

(Penned COMPLETELY in Imperial)

Viscountess Mercy d'Juliano

When I first received your missive I must say I had no idea whom you are, nor, why I should care. To put it simply, even though you are cousins with Ludovic d'Korbina he and I are not exactly what you might call on speaking terms. He still holds some grudge over me taking Paras and an insignificant to him keep along the border with the Qatanex. I'm sure there's more but really that is the crux of the matter. This is because he has declared us enemies of Aequor.

Now. The Empire has a habit of helping its friends. A friend of the Empire is indeed a friend that will fight by your side and crush your enemies then go Wine tasting in the evening. However, and I must stress this point, we are very much NOT friends. Ludovic and your Arch-Duchess have stated as such and have all but declared war on us. Therefore I can not, under these circumstances send a tenth of my soldiers, men that I must say are very much needed here as the Savages have received a terribly large reinforcement of soldiers.

So. I must cut this little pen pal exercise short, as I must defend Paras and my keep and by extension your Colony from these Savages. But don't worry. I'm positive I'll be in the West soon and will, shall we say, liberate southern Aequor from these heathens you mentioned.

Do survive.

Darius Firebrand
Princeps, and Praetor of the Legio XIII

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