1874-08-11 An In-Pouring of Letters
An In-Pouring of Letters
Summary: Responses to Mercy's Letters begin to come in.
Date: 8/10-8/12
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NPCs: They're all NPC's, Except Atreis. (Posted with permission form Atreis player)
Atreis  Cesare  Mercy  Oscar  


My scouts have informed me of your forts being built, and I appreciate the offer of a supply network. Luckily we still have supplies coming in form the north and eastern portions of Aequor. I am sending what is left of Aequor's navy to you at Kashmir, and at my Lord Father's Best am joining with Duke al'Callenta to try and keep the Hallers at bay there.

Something that has been bothering me, and please, indulge the Crown Princess. Where in the vitching Abyss was Old Kashmir?

Crown Princess Atreis al'Ramar


My dearest neighbor, as you know my County focuses on the healing arts and has very little in the way of Military Aid to offer. That being said the House maintains a Wing of Mercenary Troops that we use for protection from those dreadful Icenalians to the north. As such I will see a Talon's worth sent to you for aid, while the remaining Talon will shore up our defenses in case we find ourselves raided, or they press past you. I am also sending you a considerable cache of our healing supplies to distribute along the war front.

Viscount Oscar d'Augustino


Admiral. My forces are engaged heavily against these White Hall Heathens. While I appreciate the update, I merely believe you are doing what must to defend your lands and your people. The enemy is tenacious, and their bloody Berserkers are dangerous. Should you run into one of these remove the head unless you have Sidhe Steel or Light Silver at hand. One of them took out a squadron of Cavalry by itself before I was able to reach the beast and remove it's head with my Sidhe Steel.

The supply rout is appreciated as I'm sure the men are tired of field tack.

Duke Caesere al'Callenta

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