1874-08-08: The Busy Arcadian
The Busy Arcadian
Summary: Mercy writes letters to people.
Date: Week of 08-06
Related: Vengance, Unity
NPCs: NPC names, if relevant
Mercy  Darius  Antina  Jasmina  Cesare  Ramius  Atreis  

Mercy sends Four letters, one to her daughter, one to Oscar d'Augustino, and a third one to *gasp* Darius Firebrand. The last goes to the dukes and crown princess, to appraise them of her situation.


Until further notice I want you to keep the vanguard ready and able. double the night watch and make sure the fort defenses are good to go, and each battalion commander under you sends you reports. ANY probing of our southern border by the whitehallers and I want to be alerted immediately,. Also, I want you to send scouts south, do what you can to have them recon and find a weakness, this is your job, and send me the results. Thanks.

- Admiral d'Juliano

Darius Firebrand

You haven't heard of me, though I was in attendance at the meeting in four corners, also, I'm Viscount Ludovics cousin, though, unlike him, I'll not stand on honor, look at what it has gotten everyone.

What I will stand on is asking you for help, you see, like you, I have a problem with heathens, unlike you, they haven't gotten to the point where I'll have to move my capital.

I need a land commander for this, since I myself am an Admiral, not a general. What I can offer is simple, I writ for you and 1,000 of your men, to come to the southern border of Arcadia. I have roughly 1200 troops there as well, and two other legions are on the eastern border. You will be my personal guest, and anyone who bothers you will be dealing with me, people don't like to deal with me because I can be quite the bitch, but that's a story for another time.

This means that while the main force of your legion holds the blood drinkers back, we can take care of these white hall savages, once that's done, I can absolutely commit 1,000 troops in an allied effort to helping you with these qatunax.

Allied, not subservient.

- Admiral Mercedes d'Juliano


I hope this letter finds you well, and I hope the crate of royal red I sent you is received in good order.

The duchy's southern border is being reinforced, and I would like to ask you to commit troops to said border, because eventually it will turn from a defensive line into a push to get those goat worshipping savages from our land.

I await your reply.

- Mercy

PS. Please tell your dear wife that she should come to new Kashmir when this is over, I miss our talks.

Duke Cesare, Duchess Jasmina, Duke Ramius, Princess Atreis

I have put forts along Arcadian;s southern border as well as put as many of my county's land troops there as well. I've made the call for more troops in that defense from count d'Augustino. Should you wish to start a supply train, new Kashmir is still getting ocean trade from navali and the capital, as well as from trade along the majestic, I can of course, send the supplies along the border to you should you wish it.

- Countess Mercy.


Your aid in these troubling times mean a lot to me as well as Aequor. I am sure your efforts will be rewarded once this is over with. Send whatever supplies you can and I will be sure to the same.

With gratitude,
Archduchess al'Mordran

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