1874-08-08: Into the Cold
Into the Cold
Summary: Dertan takes Sonya into the mountains where she can hopefully begin to heal.
Date: 1874-08-08
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NPCs: None
Dertan  Sonya  Jarret  

Dertan sat considering the contents of a missive received moments ago by moongazer, his expression distant as he let the information sink in. In the end though there was never any real question about his choice of action. And so he stands, crumpling the note and tossing it into the fire and moves into the castle proper to start the last phase of organisation needed to get Sonya healed.
Supplies and a carriage are gathered, an escort or battleborn and many masks arranged, and then the entire party gathers one final time in the courtyard as a cuffed Sonya is helped down the stairs and into the vehicle.
From there they range north, following the path left by the pioneers that departed several days later, heading north past fuchs and into the southern areas of arkanin where there is a fortified camp waiting for them high up in the ever-icy reaches of a mountain.
In theory here is everything Sonya will need to heal and after checking that everything is in order and thanking the Pioneers they settle in for the beginning of the convalescence.

Meanwhile a letter wings its way to Jarret.
I believe i've found a solution to the problem of Sonya's illness. I am going to stay with her, at least until she shows enough recovery that I feel i've done my duty in protecting her, then I will return. Send word if you need me earlier. I have full trust in your ability to handle the Partharians.

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