1874-08-06: Coming of the Mountain People
Coming of the Mountain People
Summary: Ludovic spreads some news about a potential qatunax influx
Date: 1874-08-06
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NPCs: Xavier Arkanin
Ludovic  Cervantes  Xavier  Darius  

The same letter is sent out to Cervantes, Xavier and Darius. All dictated by Ludovic and written by a differing servant or clerk before being tied to the leg of a moongazer and sent aloft.

The Raging Bulls brought me a captive today. He talks of an influx of Qatunax and the coming of a force he describes as the Mountain People. I've not had time to question him properly. Come to Daemon's Hall if you've questions to ask of him. Don't leave it too long.


Word about the invitation for Darius to visit is then sent along the lines so that he wont receive to much trouble on his way.

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