1874-08-05: The Pioneers
The Pioneers
Summary: The Riverwatch Pioneers are finally fit for duty and receive their first orders
Date: 1874-08-05
Related: 1874-07-22-show-tell, 1874-07-31:advance-cannon. The Riverwatch Pioneers are described in detail on the Sokar page.
NPCs: Non mentioned

The troops that have been filling Pinevale with the sound of cannon fire pack up their gear, leave behind the cannon and move to join the rest of the newly formed Riverwatch Pioneer regiment.

Viscount Dertan Kaedon travels with them, looking tired but just as neat as ever, and the regiment goes through a formal inspection by their new brigadier. Eventually it seems the Brigadier is satisfied as the men fall out and head back to their various tents and cooking fires whilst the officers retreat to a mess to drink, smoke pipes and discuss the actions that will be taken over the next few weeks by the newly minted unit.

The next morning the camp is neatly and efficiently dismantled, leaving little but some forlorn looking earthworks, and the bulk of the regiment heads southwards on their journey to meet up with the rest of the royal riverwatch regiment near Alnburg.

A small group, made up of a single architect and a section of pioneers, stays back with the Viscount and the entire group head north to the Fuchs and across the Arkanin border. Again a neat camp is formed and again the soldiers retreat to their tents whilst the officers discuss the plans.

That morning that small group of pioneers continue north into Arkanin territory, tasked with a mission of their own which will see them head into the mountain chain north of Fuchs and setup a small fortified camp, whilst the Viscount and his guard return to Silverhill in Kaedon.

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