1874-08-05: Defend and Deny
Defend and Deny
Summary: Ludovic reveals his new plans for this years campaign against the qatunax, releasing a sizeable portion of his force to reinforce the situation in the west.
Date: 1874-08-05
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NPCs: Nobody Specific

Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina, a man thats always prided himself on defending his people has come to a hard decision. A command council is called, bringing together everyone of Captain rank of higher within the allied forces that still remain in d'Korbina territory and he starts to explain.

"News of whats been happening in the west has been hard to hear and news of the situation to the east, with the Imperials who said they were to be allies, is harder still. I've realised a hard truth in these last days."

"Seems to me we're faced with two choices here. We can fight for the lands we've lost and the hope that maybe there remain souls to be saved. Souls that still want to be saved. Or we can go west and defend the people who are in peril at this exact moment? Me I say we should fight for those who might still be saved. We can't waste time and blood on this front. Its time to put everything we can spare into pushing the White Hallers back into the sea."

"So what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna start fortifying our defensive positions for the long haul. By the winter i'm intending to have permanent defenses all along the line. Timber to start with but we'll start shoring the more important ones up with stone as time goes by. We'll not stop raiding. We can do a lot to deny assets to our foes and make their lives hard. But I dont need three thousand men for that."

"I'm expecting to stay put I reckon the first order of business is to work out who's going, who's staying and who's chickening out and going home. I'll deal with the arch-duchess about making Rhone City your supply base, since thats got good river access to most of the western theater, but after that you'll have to make your own negotiations."

"But first of all. If you're not gonna pull in ten different directions you're gonna need to work out who's in charge. I suggest you get started. Time is short if you're gonna make a difference."

As Ludovic steps back, giving up the floor to the discussion as a whole, the tent dissolves into the usual flurry of politicing, planning and general organisation as officers responsible for the fates of the three thousand or so soldiers gathered in Hellsmouth start debating plans.

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