1874-08-02: Imperial Occupation
Imperial Occupation
Summary: Ludovic sends letters out in response to the events of qatunax stories a new keep
Date: 1874-08-02
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NPCs: Lord Clinton d'Bartone
Ludovic  Darius  Cervantes  

My wife tells me that you've taken our prize for yourself and that you want to talk.
You'd better have a damn good excuse prepared.

Lord d’Bartone.
Pull your men back into Steven’s pass and hold it against Imperial and Qatunax alike. If they are going to claim everything between the pass and the city then they can damn spend their own blood holding it. Much as I'm tempted to just take any of their supplies that happen to be in our hands, I've still gotta go listen to his excuses, so we'll have to wait.

Viscount Arkanin
When are you planning to fill me in on what you're doing Viscount. Am I supposed to guess?

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