1874-07-30: A Court Summons
A Court Summons
Summary: Melissande summons Imogen to court.
Date: 1874-07-30… Arrived 1874-08-07
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Melisande  Imogen  

A swift rider brings a missive to Imogen's hand directly. Stamped with the sigil of the Royal House Romante, it would be expected to be given to no one else.

Countess Imogen,

I have heard of the troubles you now face to the north. Such terrible news indeed, what news I can hear of it. I have also heard of your most blessed condition, though I am not entirely pleased that you're so close to front lines. With that, I request that you return home to court in Galenthia, and that of Firen. I have a something I'd like for you to do here, but I will save it for your arrival and much fanfare I assure you. This rider will accompany you back, he will have procured you the finest carriage he can find with all the comforts needed when one is with child. I will see you quite soon, I'd wager.

Safe travels and walk with the One,

Melisande Sofia Romante; Queen of Galenthia

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