1874-07-29: An Overdue Letter
1874-07-29: An Overdue Letter
Summary: Jasmina writes a long over-due letter to Mercy.
Date: 07-29-1874
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Jasmina  Mercy  

A message from the Archduchess of Aequor, bearing the house seal in black ink, is sent to the Countess d'Juliano. It is sent via whichever method is the safest.

Dear Countess,

While I have wanted to write you about this for some time, I have only just now found the time to write to you. I do apologize for that, and I would not bring it up now in light of how much time has lapsed between the meeting with the Princess and now, but I feel it holds too much importance to not be mentioned now. And please know that I speak for no one but myself when I voice my opinion on the subject in this letter.

I was ruminating on the events that took place and was reminded of how your daughter showed a great amount of disrespect to Princess Atreis by not greeting her appropriately. I understand she was distracted but that is no excuse to treat a member of the Royal Family with seeming indifference. She is your daughter, and the heir to your house, and therefore her behavior reflects upon you directly. It'd behoove you to remind her of her place, Countess. If she can not behave in a manner befitting of the future Countess d'Juliano then perhaps you should keep her home and give the title of heir to one of your other offspring.

Also, I find it personally offensive that you would threaten my uncle during the same meeting. While he was out of place you should not have gone to such a violent place. We're facing too many enemies as it is and we can not afford in-fighting among our own. Leave any possible punishment of my uncle to me, Countess, and keep your attention on your own kin.

Archduchess Jasmina al'Mordran


Worry not about the timing of your letter, it's good that you decided to bring your concerns to me directly, for that I respect you.

I have already addressed my daughter about her indifferent attitude towards the crown princess, regardless of what is, and has, happened, decorum must be met, for this I do apologize should her actions, or lack there of, have insulted you.

On the topic of your uncle though, Yes he was out of line, and yes, my reaction was appropriate for what was said. I do not take to being called a traitor, and to have my children called traitors and insulted in my presence. I'd have almost the same protective reaction to any of my Officers or crew for that matter, my people's protection is my job, and that includes slander.

If you feel I was out of line for responding to such slander with calling for a duel, I am sorry, but I do not. I can understand that he is family, and you wish to protect him, and for that, again, you have my respect. I won't seek to escalate the matter further if you have it in hand as far as your uncle is concerned.

I hope this letter finds you well, and I do hope that you and my cousin do gain ground against the qatunax.

With Regards

- Mercy~


Thank you for addressing the issue of decorum with your daughter. I know right now things are less than ideal for us as a kingdom, but without decorum, among our other strong, favorable points, we are truly no better than the heathens who seek to capture our lands and kill our people.

On the subject of my uncle, I understand you felt slighted. You're the only one who can decide what is, and isn't, offensive to you, but for you to try and challenge my uncle, who'd pose no challenge to you, to a duel was entirely too much. Either way, I will no longer speak of this subject as it is in the past. I would like for it very much if we could just move past it and put it behind us.

Archduchess al'Mordran

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