1874-06-22: The eyes have it
The eyes have it
Summary: Mattias sends word to Thomas.
Date: 1874-06-23
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Mattias sat across from his mauled spy, the poor man sat there with his empty eye sockets staring straight at the Chancellor, sightless and yet all-seeing. Mattias for his part stared into the bloody holes, it hadn't been expected that Partharia could repel such a coordinated effort. But they had. And so Mattias shrugged and considered the next move.

"The man who did this, I assume he was the last thing you saw." As if to soften that question, Mattias leant forward to cover the mauled spy's own hand with his, and yet even then the blinded spy flinched and trembled. Words babbled past his lips, only for Mattias to squeeze his hand and shush him gently, "You're safe, you're here. I can't even begin to tell you how indebted I am to you, I can't even begin to soothe the pain in your soul at the loss of all your brothers and sisters in Partharia. But that is a mere trifle. Both luck and ill-fortune saw fit to curse you with that last vision, that image… tell me of this man."

The blinded spy took a deep intake of breath, his body racked with both pain and the horror at what he saw, "He… wore a red hood." The empty sockets closed once more, never to open again as the spy leant forward, reaching for the bandage upon the desk before him. Deftly, though with trembling hands, the man bound his head once more and shuddered at the pressure against his wounded face, "… a white shirt, and… and he had a goatee, his eyes though, they glowed a dull green, they weren't right. Those eyes. But equally he wore an amulet." The spy shuddered once more, breathing deep while wincing at a pang of pain from nerves that now connected to nothing, "It pulsed like a beating heart, a dull pink. I swear there was no time, one moment we were putting our plans into motion, the next we were rounded up… there was no warning, no possible way…" And again the pained sobs racked the poor spy's body.

Mattias simply nodded, lifting his gaze as a scuffle sounded in the hall, past the open door of his office two Partharian men in night robes were dragged on by.

"You can't do this! We're not of your land!" But the words were silenced by a guard's weighted fist slamming into the gut of the Partharian who voiced his dissent. And onwards they were dragged, their muted cries vanishing along with them into the depths of the fortress like bank.

"My apologies. Settle yourself. I shall see you escorted to your home, I know you have no direct family to speak of. But rest assured, you are my family. I cannot restore what was taken from you, but I shall see that you are well looked after, and know that even with no eyes, you have a place within my network. But that is for another time, for now you have nothing to do but rest." Mattias patted the blinded spy's hand once more, "Let me consider the necessary revenge for our fallen brethren."

As the spy rose, aided by the ancient notary, Mattias set ink to paper with a deft scratch of the quill.

My dear Viscount,

I have bad news. All was lost in Partharia. I can't explain it, I know the skill of my Agents and for such ill-fortune to occur is quite odd. It was always a possibility, such things are. You can rest assured the invasion of Galenthia will occur as planned. I cannot tell you a single bit of good news. Know that there is a man in Partharia linked to this very attack, a red-hooded man with a goatee and glowing dull green eyes. What's more, he wears a pulsing pink amulet and seems responsible for the utter destruction root and stem of my network in Partharia. The lone survivor had his eyes plucked out and he delivered a message informing me of my tinkering in anothers sandbox. The message was signed 'PM' should that mean anything to you. Needless to say my involvement is known, needless to say, I have taken measures against Partharian Agents in Four Corners. I shall divert a gift towards you, you will know how to best place it I am sure.

I must say however, these times of peace are most exciting are they not?


The letter soon sealed and bound was soon winging its way towards Firen, via armed messenger and a contingent of guards, taking full advantage of an airship at the Chancellor's expense, while the Honourable Free City Company of Ordnance & Artillerists was soon loaded aboard the Julietta, and with a couple of privateers in support, it set its tack towards Firen.

Sir Mattias

I am saddened to hear that your network of agents was compromised. The despatch of such a potent force as your Honourable Company is enormously appreciated, and will go a long way to ensuring that enemies are either deterred (unlikely, given their actions) or dealt a serious blow upon their attempted landings. If I may ask, do you prefer that the Honourable Company is employed in one location, or may it be pieced out to assist defence in several area?

Please know that the Crown of Galenthia greatly appreciates the actions which you have taken thus far, and looks forward to working with you to ensure that peace is once more returned to the West. As we have both reiterated many times, the current state of affairs in the West is a shambles. All will profit from a swift defeat of our enemies.

Thomas Chandus, Viscount Repton March

A post scriptum is added in the form of a second note.


I am adding this note to introduce to you Lady Lianna Sokar. She is a tireless advocate of peace, mediation and healing, well respected by all parties in my Kingdom. However, given the circumstances we find ourselves in, I am afraid that she has been despatched to Four Corners on a mission of procuring sellswords for us. Pending final approval, I would ask you please to introduce her to your Minister of Blades and facilitate negotiations. She also has a wish to see if she can meet with the envoys of the Empire of Partharia. If they remain in Four Corners, I would greatly appreciate if you could point her in the right direction, and of course ensure that she is kept safe and sound


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