1874-06-09: Siege Part II
Siege Part II
Summary: Sometimes the man behind the curtain has to go for a walk in the desert. And sometimes he has to pluck out some eyeballs. It's all relative really.
Date: 6/09/1874
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NPCs: The Spies, a Random servant, and some eyeballs.

The man screamed as first the left, and then the right eye was expertly plucked from his skull. Blood fountained and ran down the man's face as he writhed on the ground screaming and clawing at the holes where his eyes once were. The man who did this, a man whearing red looked down and tsks. He knelt next to the screaming man and with one impossibly strong hand grabbed him by the mouth, his hand clasping over it and muffling the screams. He imagined, if the man still had eyes they'd be wide in terror. Instead the empty bleeding socked expanded, which squirted MORE blood.

Humans. They were just so soft.

The man in red leaned in and whispered in the man's ear. "I must say, I am almost impressed with your Chancellor's network. I've not encountered such spycraft in decades, it almost brings a genuine smile of joy to my face. To think I'd have to actually get dirty myself." He turns the man's facce this way and that. "My. That is a LOT of blood." He snaps a finger and flame appears at the end of his free hand. He humms to himself as the man screams louder when the flame is applied to the empty sockets to cauterize the wounds. The man writhes and kicks but he can't escape the grip of the man in red.

"There. There we go. Can't have you dying on us can we?" He snickers and puts a letter in the man's breast pocket. "A letter for your Chancellor." He puts a bag of coins in his other pocket. "My associate will take you to the docks. He will take THAT bag from you, and pay for your passage back to Four Corners. He'll have paid a sailor to take you to the Chancellor. Do give him my letter." He stands and leaves after he casually drops the man. His associate nods and helps the eyeless man to his feet and takes him away.

The man in Red sighs and taking out a hankerchief casually begins to clean his hands. It was always just so MESSY doing the work one's self. Granted. Sometimes one had to to show you were still competent, but it was just so damned messy. Casually tossing the hankerchief over his shoulder he nodded. Ther ehad been a lot of them, all over Partharia. The sad fools of the Southern Empire had no idea they were there. They weren't now. They were, everyone of them. strung up and killed in terrible and painful ways after having their eyes pulled out slowly by the Man in Red. All to leave a very personal message

He sighed. It was the little things in Creation that made a being feel … Well…. Right.

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