1874-06-09: Firestorm pt I
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Tavat  Teleko  


His god had spoken to him and his war leaders. He had no choice but to obey the words of his God, and his War Leaders not only agreed but were eager. Tavat couldn't lie to himself, he too was eager. These men of the West were weaker than the Empire had been, with not nearly as many Warriors among them, but men like that Lud-O-Vivk he had faced had proven that the men of the West were willing to fight. The first ones he had seen who hadn't just been cowering. That was why he had given the man the Black Fire Axe. He had earned it by proving him wrong. He felt at his side. The new Black Fire Axes he had on his hips held weight, a comfort in their presence.

He finished his ascent of the Pyramid in the center of the City his people were building and looked out at the assembled warriors there. Built on top of the ruins of House Ryker, Nojpeten was as traditional as Qatunax cities went. He spread his arms wide and threw his head back and let out his war cry. The thousands of warriors below him let their throats join his, even many of the slaves allowed their throats to join his. For several long moments, the voices of this City were one. One people. One voice. One song. A song of War.

When the singing died he lowered his arms and looked at his Warriors. "The God has Spoken!" He cried out to them. "The God has given his name. He has given us commands. He has given us direction!" His warriors hummed as one. A low and steady music that sang of their barely contained violence. "His command is to move! To move and take back the lands these Westerners have taken from us, and then to sack the place they call -Hellsmouth-!" The name sounding strange in the musical clicks and words of his people. A jumble of sounds like what a toddler would make. "We are to kill all who stand, and enslave those who kneel! We are to burn every building and every field! We are to cleanse them in the fire of the God Teleko!"

The warriors let out joyous whoops and several War Priests spat fire into the air, while the sacred few who could wield the holy purifying flames of the Sun in their hands spun circles of fire in the air. "CELEBRATE!" Tavat cried to his people. "Celebrate for soon we will wield the flames against our foe! Soon we will burn his home and his people! Soon we will bring the Fires of Teleko to these Godless lands!"

Tavat nodded and folded his arms over his bare chest. Content to watch his people cheer in joy as several chanted out loud, "TELEKO! TELEKO! TELEKO!"

Teleko stood in the Keep he claimed as his own. This too was formerly a fief of the West - d'Meloni. He now called it Sapinuwa, a word in a language that only he remembered, an old tongue. But it fit with the newly come Qatunax, his new vassals. His new people. His freshly made robes of office, finely woven strands of gold and silk glittered in the fires below. He heard Tavat's speech and he smiled a fang-toothed grin. He shoulder still burned, the Lightsilver there had nearly done him in and the wound was only almost healed. One of those who harmed him, Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina was near, and his new people would exact his vengeance for him.

He turned to the naked woman on his bed and climbed onto the bed next to her. Her eyes stared dully at the ceiling, fully under his trance. He ran a finger along the vein of her neck and then smiled as he sank fangs there and drank deeply. He wasn't fully healed.

Yet ….

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Firestorm starts SOON.

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