1874-06-06: Siege - The Blood Rose and the Blood Hammer
The Blood Rose and the Blood Hammer
Summary: Two Parthian Nobility stand and look out at the Great Salt ….
Date: 6/6/1874
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Areesha  Kalid  

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Princess Areesha An-najiat Khali of Belgrazahal stood beside her hisband, the Prince Kalid An-najiat Khali of Belgrazahal. She held the letter out to her beloved. "Despite Fortune's many docks, and assurances I remind you, the Galenthians know." Her husband took the letter and grunted. His eyes blazed in anger. "We need to ramp up the time. The Betrayer will strike if he realizes there is a real threat. Chances are the Firebrand or Charger already knows."

Kalid nodded. "We need to strike Duval. The Charger is the weakest link in Galenthia's Fortresses. Inexperienced. With the fleet, the river, and the Mountain we can cut Duval off, and take it." He smiled folding his arms over his chest. "It is a sound plan."

The Princess nodded. The two worked as a pair, unlike many of the other Princialities, who usually left one or the other at home. Here, they had left their eldest at home, and the pair had gone out under the orders of the Emperor. The Prophet's order had been simple. Bleed Galenthia as only you can Blood Rose. Find their weakness. Siege them. Burn them. But make them bleed. The Princess smiled and slid her Sidhe Steel blade from her scabbard. Her Husband did the same wiht his matching Sidhe steel blade. The crossed the blades between them and he held her close in an embrace. The steel between them, deadly and sharp. "A few more weeks of preparation?"

"Sooner would be better." His breath warm against her lips that he was almost, yet not quite brushing.

She blushed in the heat of the moment, and replied breathily, "The Betrayer will try to break the sige. Or the Firebrand. Or one of the Sokars on the water."

"Let the other Princes deal with them. I the Blood Hammer, and you," He kisses her deeply. "My Blood Rose, will shatter Duval, and then we can crush what ever those Tarris or Sokar Vitches throw at us."

The Blood Rose, moved her blade, the impossible sharp blade cutting away her clothes as she does so. "And then Galenthia will fall."

The Blood Hammer, kisses the Blood Rose's neck and moves his blade to cut away his shirt. "We will be the instraments of the Prophet. But not right now."

Princess Areesha An-najiat Khali of Belgrazahal moved her sword and tossed it aside at the same time as her husband. "No. Not right now …. "


(And don't worry North. I haven't forgotten you.)

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