1874-04-26: Wedding Bells or Funeral Bells?
Summary: Brennart sends a letter to his Aunt requesting marriage negotiations to begin.
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Brennart  Isabel  

To the Archduchess Isabel Sokar,

Your Grace, I hope this letter finds you well. But as we both know that you prefer to not waste time with pleasantries I respectfully request that negotiations begin in regards to a marriage between myself and Lady Sir Bethany Tarris. Although I do greatly care for Bethany I understand that if it brings nothing to the Sokar Family that you wouldn't bother start negotiations. I realize that there is a massive amount of bad blood between our two houses, but this could be the start of settling things between us. It would also bring Sokar blood into the Tarris Duchy and be the next step in regaining Duval… And Rosendal.

Building for our Future,


Isabel twitched as she crumpled the paper in her hand. A look of pure rage rossing her features. She stalked to the hearth, the parchment grasped in her hand and tossed it into the fire where it caught and flared brightly. She watched it burn. Her eyes focussing on the paper as first the edges, then the whole thing blackened and the flared to life in orange and yellow flames. "Damndable fool." She snarled and then went to the window.

She gazed out over Dalcen. She watched a squadron of Red Sail Sloops leaving port to head west toward the mouth of the Great Salt River. She narrowed her eyes. "Damdable. Fool." She says again leaning on the railing. She suspected that that idiot of a man likely had knocked up the halfbreed Tarris and that was the source of the request. Brennart had always been a man of honor, even more so than her sons. Except Thadeus, that idiot had brought honorable to a whole new meaning when he fought to the death in a hopeless battle instead of retreating.

"Idiots! I am surrounded by thrice damned idiots!" She whirled and glared at the room. Her Husband leaned casually against the door frame. He had a light smirk on his face and was looking at his nails. His. Nails. "What? You always get that look on your face when - "

"When you are being unreasonable?" Gregor said pushing off the door frame. "So our nephew wants to marry a Tarris? That Tarris is the Lady of Duval." he points afinger to Isabel. "Think instead of dragon raging, and see what we can do with that."

Isabel took a deep breath. The son of a bitch was right. She let it out. "Bloody fine. Get me pen and paper."

Gregor raised an eyebrow and turned to leave. "I'm your husband woman, not a servant. Call one of them." He waved over his shoulder, closing the door just in time to hear a goblet slam into it's wooden frame.

Dearest Nephew,

Your Uncle and I are thrilled to hear you have found a possible match. The fact that she is a Tarris, and the Ducal Heir to match is blessing. Especially with her ties to Duval. I will send word to his Grace to come and meet with us and begin negotiations.


Your Aunt Isabel

(A second letter arrives not soon after the first, also with a seal of Hosue Sokar)


Your welcome kid.

- Gregor Sokar.

Brennart pens a couple of replies as he should…

First addressed to Gregor:


Thank you. When is it safe to come home?



Next is one addressed to Isabel:

Your Grace,

You have no idea how much this means to me. I will do all I can to make you proud.


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