1874-08-11: A Lone Moongazer
A Lone and Silent Moongazer
Summary: Susanna reaches out to Thomas for advice and permission on the correct next move to make.
Date: 1874
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Susanna  Thomas  

Susanna has been studying, and her handwriting and grammar are more steady and certain in her next missive to Thomas. She sends the note off to a moongazer who must be careful, having far to go.

Viscount Thomas Chandus—

You may have heard of the divorce between Viscount Ludovic d'Korbina and Lady Imogen Anders. Due to this, I have left Lady Imogen's service in order to serve you better at the Qatunax front. Keep Candeo, the Imperial fort, is not far away and I could possibly find work there.

To that end, I ask for your permission to let me tell Archduchess Jasmina al'Mordran of my duties. Aequor is an ally of Galenthia, after all, and with her help I would have greater safety and resources. I would also have a safe place for my sisters. Furthermore, if things should fall through I would have a place to go for safety as well. Please know that I only consider this a priority for the sake of my family, who are two young girls with very little other than me to depend on. I am also of the opinion that a partnership of this sort with the Archduchess would strengthen our positions.

I wait dutifully for your reply.

Miss Summers

I would heavily advise you not to tell anybody your position. If you do, you shall likely find yourself both disavowed as an imaginative commoner and unlikely to be welcome in the Kingdom of your birth. This is not due to any wantonness or cruelty in our nature - rather, it is a critical component of the type of work we speak of.

If you are concerned for your family, which is only natural given your situation, I would suggest the following. Send them to Galenthia to the court of Duke Tarris at Griffon Point. There they will be seen to in terms of work and education, and you may visit them whenever it pleases you. You too will be compensated for your services.

I end this on one final note. Please do not use my name or title in any further correspondence. We will have to figure out a cipher of sorts to communicate in, but for now, we shall do this as it stands.

God be with you.

Post-Scriptum - I will be coming to visit the are as soon as practical.

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