Maximus Olympicus
Andy Whitfield
Andy Whitfield as Tribune Maximus Augustus Olympicus
Full Name: Tribune Maximus Augustus Olympicus
Byname: None yet
Age: 25
Kingdom: Vir Sidus
House: Gens Olympicus
Title/Profession: Tribune, Lord
Position: Tribune of the 8th Cohort, Legio XIII Asterrea
Place of Birth: Valesca Province, Vir Sidus Empire
Sheet Information: Maximus' +Sheet
Father: TBD
Mother: TBD
Siblings: 2 younger siblings
Spouse: None
Children: None


Maximus Augustus Olympicus is a new Centurion called to fight the enemies of the Vir Sidus. Recently promoted to Tribune and given command of the 8th Cohort, Legio XIII Asterrea.

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