Chancellor Sir Mattias Thynne
Mark Gatiss
Mark Gatiss as Sir Mattias Thynne
Full Name: Sir Mattias Thynne
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 57
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: Thynne
Title/Profession: Chancellor of Four Corners & Guildmaster of the Bankers Guild
Position: Banker
Place of Birth: Some small Galenthian village
Sheet Information: +Sheet
Father: Harold Thynne (d)
Mother: Esme Thynne (d)
Siblings: Ulric (d), Hans (d), Gunther (d), Daniel (d) & Alfred (d)
Spouse: None
Children: None


A man of once humble means, whose family endeavoured to rise above all they had been given and take advantage of all that Four Corners had to offer.

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The Banking House of Thynne

Having started as a merchant house in the year 1800, the Merchants Thynne grew and prospered until the founding of Four Corners in the year 1844, at which point it restructured and with its wealth became the Banking House of Thynne, Thynne & Thynne and so its fortunes grew ever larger. Though the family line has since been pruned and as such there is but a singular Thynne. Having stood resolute through the great raid of 1865, the Banking House of Thynne seeks to remain impervious, impartial and as ever incorruptible. From the storage of gold for merchant and noble houses or individuals of high station and wealth, to discreet loans and the exchange of currencies, the Banking House of Thynne stands as a testament to the banking prowess of Four Corners.

Riches are found. They are all around. You live in a kingdom, nay an Empire of them! However despite this wealth, can you truly live with yourself? Fire consumes, and if you are not careful, those whom you love will be burned by both your fires. - Prophecy

Relationships - The Coast, Aequor, Galenthia & other such places.


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